Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nusa Dua Beach the Unique Beach

nusa dua beach
Nusa beach is one of two unique beaches in Bali. Why this beach unique? because this beach has two separate reefs as picture below. According to folklore bali at the time, he said this beach is a banishment for people who make mistakes in society. So they were given a punishment in this beach. Because the land is barren, so they only eat what they can on this beach. Then it is said that there were two knights who are also in the law on this beach. Both knights are fighting on the beach is to seize power. They carry a load, before they fight, they put yoke laid on the beach. But after they fight, there's no winning and losing because they have same great capabilities. Until finally they decided to share power. Separator is a pole that territory which they place on the beach before the fight. That was the beginning of the story of nusa dua beach.

Nusa Dua Beach known is very beautiful, quiet and have clean water, children can free to play at this beach. On this beach there are many visitors who came and camping with the family. Around beach is a lot of people are selling and the price is also very social. Although now this beach has white sand and gentle, but before 1980 Nusa Dua beach is not a tourist destination couse at that time the beach is filled with shrubs. Only after Bali Tourism and Development Council, organize and develop this area of ​​Nusa Dua later became an elite and exclusive tourist areas. After tired of playing on the beach, you can stay at the hotel, hotel in this area has room rates of around U.S. $ 100-US $ 400 per night for including star hotels.

You can see two very beautiful scenery at the same time around the beach area. The first scene is the Indian Ocean to the horizon line that is stunning, and then the second is a row of luxury hotels are arranged neatly along the coast. On this beach you can swim, sunbathe or relax without interruption by a five foot sword. Almost the entire coastline is approximately along the 5 kilometers in the area into the backyard of the luxury hotels. The management make a small roads along the beach for hikers who want to up the coast. However, not all visitors are free to walk in there, because some hotels forbid guests who are not hotel guests wandering around the hotel beach area.

In addition to having a famous golfing area that is Bali Golf and Country Club, this region also offers facilities for tourists who want to do a conference or meeting bisnis. Nusa dua are not inferior to other area attractions on Bali in terms of presentation of shopping, recreation and dining. Everything is in one area. Almost all the hotels in Nusa Dua on the beach and have easy access to the shuttle bus to shopping, dining and recreation. This coastal location about 11 kilometers from Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport or about 14 kilometers from Kuta, if you wanted to go to the beach then you have to bring their own vehicle or a vehicle can also transport because public transport does not travel through this area.

If you are curious about this beach directly come to the location, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the places, sights and services provided by this place, do not forget to invite your family or your girlfriend to get travel so much more exciting and fun.

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach
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