Friday, September 2, 2011

Marina Beach : Beautiful Sunset

Marina Beach
Name : Marina Beach.
Located : semarang, indonesia.
Description : Marina beach is a recreational esplanade in the town of Semarang. The beach is able with pond pools, baptize sky, boat speed, and amphitheater for children. Open every day at 06.00 for 24 hour. In marina beach we can comedy as able-bodied as jet sky surfing, stunt boat and the boat ride or aloof relax while adequate the adorableness of the beaches and waves. On the morning of the breadth is actual acceptable for jogging exercise.

Marina beach is usually acclimated by teenagers for dating because marina beach it was actual quiet.
With a affable breeze blowing, authoritative us agitated abroad by the atmosphere there. At marina beach is amid arctic of the town of Semarang. absolutely amid on the artery adjoining to the PRPP Yos Sudarso In Semarang, Central Java

To access the beach breadth visitors are alone answerable Rp3000 only. if tourists use claimed vehicles, again the tourists will be put on an added allegation for parking fees. Parking in the marina beach is actual wide, you can accept to parking your agent anywhere while adequate the backdrop on the marina Beach.

Marina Beach
Sunset from the marina beach attending actual beautiful, lots of adolescent bodies who see the dusk at marina beach. The columnist additionally did not appetite to be larboard to bolster the dusk at this beach.
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