Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng beachName : Ujung Genteng Beach
Located : Sukabumi
Description : Ujung Genteng beach attractions located about 63 kilometers south of Sukabumi city center also offers a number of natural beauty. Not only is natural and culinary attractions offered Palabuhanratu beach, there are other objects that could be traced. There Hawu Coral Coast with his tomb is believed to be the tomb of Queen Nyai Roro Kidul. Beside it, there is the tomb Eyang Sanca Manggala, Grandmother and Grandmother Makuta Eye magazine Husni Ali Sheikh.

In addition to Coral beach Hawu, there are several other locations that are easily visited, such as beach Cibareno, Cimaja, Cibangban, Break Water, Citepus Kebon Kelapa, and Tanjo Official. At last there is a
resort location Prsiden first RI, Sukarno built in 1960.

About 17 miles of beach there are hot springs Palabuhan ratu in Cisolok, the water contains high levels of sulfur and is useful for health. Around Palabuhan ratu, there are at least nine locations to surf is in Batu Guram, Karang Sari, Ocean Beach, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, wave seven and ujung genteng. Each beach has its own waves with its characteristics.

Ujung Genteng beach special attraction, the seawater is crystal clear sign of how the natural environment still Ujung Genteng beach. Large waves are not too dangerous to tourists who want to bathe on the beach. Huge waves of the ocean first broke out because of blocked clusters scattered coral sea.

Achieving Ujung Genteng beach which is about 220 kilometers from Jakarta and 230 kilometers from Bandung, is relatively easy because a lot of public transportation operate. The travel time of about six to seven hours away by car. In addition to running pretty smoothly there are also several alternative pathways that can be traversed to get to the place.

Many off-road lovers to choose the route Ciracap Ciemas. In addition to not need to pass Jampang Kulon, the rocks are very challenging road conditions for tourists traveled adventurer.

Ujung Genteng beach
For the purposes of eating and drinking, in that place there is a shop that provides a variety of needs. Late afternoon we can welcome the men back to sea to bring their catch of fish. The fishermen are only using the diving equipment is very simple. They utilize an air compressor with a hose that stretched hundreds of yards of plastic as a supplemental oxygen for divers who are on the seabed.

The minimal number of tourists visiting Ujung Genteng beach actually serve tourists from abroad as a favorite.
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